It’s a frequently asked question when you are going to learn something new to you or you haven’t seen before, However It’s not necessary to be worried about learning Computer Science as a subject that will rise up your GPA or grades, It should be a skill we all should have; To could deal with our digital life as professionals!

What is the best way to learn ? 

You don’t have to follow a way which is unique or secret to learn computer science, Actually there is no “the best way to learn” as each one has its own way of thinking and learning, But you can keep in mind some steps to guarantee the best skills after any studying session :

  • Keep your mind free of anything

As you should be ready for what you are going to study, It’s not required to be a genius to have great programming skills, but just be mindful and have a bit of patience.

  • Arrange your topics before searching if you are self-studying computer science

You should be your teacher and in the same time the student so you have to be good at organizing topics according to information and if it is new or not, also you have to follow a reference if computer science is super new to you to know your required topics to learn.

  • Have a great day, read then apply

Computer Science isn’t that man who is sitting in front of a computer and typing on his keyboard and a super power of 01s finish the work needed, I wish that but the truth hurts It’s not that easy. Computer Science includes also algorithms and problem solving skills so you have to think first then type , remeber this quote:

Type less, Think more